Video Review: Madison Beer “Dead”

Madison Beer lies on the day bed and touches the white curtain covering the area.

She sits up in a bathtub, wearing a white dress, red rose petals scattered on the toilet and in the water.

In black-and-white, she and her boyfriend hug.

She sinks in the bathtub. On the bed, she stares at the ceiling.

Back in black-and-white, she runs down the stairs. Her friend drops her off at her home. She walks to the second floor and looks over the balcony. They sit on a blanket in the park, laughing. She feeds him a string of pasta. They text one another.

In the bathtub, she tears up the red roses.

Back black-and-white, she throws water at her boyfriend, who is sitting at the pool with another young woman.

With mascara smeared around her eyes, she brushes her wet hair back in the bathtub.

Rating: 3/5

The wedding is a month away. The ceremony is going to take place at Garvan Woodland Gardens. Her ex-boyfriend and fiancée chose a botanical garden for their venue. Madison Beer puts her phone away on the table and lies on her day bed. She stares out at the window, watching the neighbor’s sprinkler system soak the grass.

An hour later, she gets up and cuts the roses in her garden. She drops the petals in the bathroom and inside the bathtub. While taking her bath, she rips the petals apart. Tonight would’ve been their fifth anniversary. Each year, they traveled to a vineyard, got drunk on wine and took a walk through the garden. Last year, he nearly got bitten by a swan. He had leaned in a little too close as they sat by the lake. She assured him he was okay. However, he remained quiet most of the time. Usually, he was on his cell phone, texting.

The annual trip no longer was a celebration of their love. It had occurred to her while she lie awake, they were recreating a time in their relationship which no longer existed. She believed they could be as in love again But it involved both of them making an effort.

They flew back home and he broke up with, saying he was in love with someone else. She cried for months and her doctor suggested therapy. She went on medication for depression, which her doctor said would only be temporary. Two years later, though she continues to sob in the bathtub.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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