Video Review: Trey Songz “Simply Amazing”

Trey Songz and his girlfriend cuddle in bed together. He kisses her forehead as he lies on top of her.

He stands on a rock, overlooking the beach.

In bed, he rests his head on her stomach. They pillow fight.

He carries her as they walk by the ocean. They hug by the railing and then gaze at the ocean.

They ride their bikes in the neighborhood. He chases her as they ride around the block and then raises his fist in the air once they return home. She calls him on her tablet. He talks to her on his break.

They hold hands while driving home from the beach. They park and sit on the hood of his car, laughing.

He continues to sing by the rock.

Rating: 4/5

Trey Songz reads the note from his girlfriend on the kitchen counter. I love you, she wrote, good luck on your test today. He grins and puts the note in his pocket. She had been quizzing him every night for a week and helping him with the study guide. He had told her had wished another week to study. However, she told him he had the chapters down pat.

He finished the loading the laundry and put the meat in the sink to thaw. She would be coming home from work soon. Although his friends ribbed him for settling down, they really liked her and thought she was a good person. His friend had told him he had been trying to convince to go back to school for years. She was the one who was able to get him to follow through on his application and become a student again.

She was a focused and determined person. It made him want to try. Although he worried she pushed herself too hard sometimes. She was currently in the process of her opening her business. But she was dealing with financial troubles. After coming home from the bank, she was in tears and said she gave up. He assured her she would get some help. He searched for loans and grants while writing out his papers.

The approval of a grant had allowed her business to take off. He hung the newspaper article on their refrigerator and reread it often. He was proud of his girl.

Director: Justin Francis Year: 2012

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