Video Review: DJ Snake, Jeremih,Young Thug & Swizz Beatz “The Half”

In a house of mirrors, the exit door, with several rungs, lit up in a flourescent white. The glass, creating an illusion of windows, is outlined with white light. Swizz Beatz, in a gold jacket, stands in the center. DJ Snake stands in the same spot by himself and stares at his shoes. Jeremih, in a purple hoodie and white, ripped jeans, starts to rap.

A young woman, wearing an aqua bra top and hot pants, sits on the floor. She stands at the barre and then sticks out her butt. DJ Snake joins Swizz Beatz.

A second young woman, wearing a multi-colored leotard, dances. She bends over, sticking her butt out and then puts her hands on her hips.

Jeremih walks down the aisle as a third young woman shakes her butt while standing at the barre. He checks out her butt and rests his head on it. He touches her butt.

DJ Snake puts his arm around Jeremih.

A fourth young woman waves a flare around.

A fifth young woman shakes her butt at Young Thug, who pretends to tap it. He puts his hand on the woman’s back.

DJ Snake, Young Thug, Jeremih and Swizz Beatz hang out in the center of the room. Young Thug shows off his watch.

Rating: 1/5

Swizz Beatz walks ahead of the group. DJ Snake shuffles behind him, waiting to see his reaction. Young Thug urges Jeremih to walk ahead of him, stating he doesn’t like anything scary. Swizz Beatz turns around and says it’s not meant to be scary and that it’s an installation. Young Thug mumbles that he doesn’t care. Jeremih tells him stop being a baby.

A young woman greets the group and tells them to be careful not to get lost in the illusions. She notes people will be available to guide them or help them if it becomes too claustrophobic. She tells them to have fun. Young Thug groans, saying he hates tight spaces.

Swizz Beatz exclaims “wow!” DJ Snake explains the inspiration behind it. Jeremih flirts with one of the guides and asks for her number. Young Thug whines that he wants to go. Swizz Beatz comments that it must’ve taken a lot to math to figure out the patterns. DJ Snake snaps a photo and asks a guide for some champagne. Jeremih rolls her eyes and asks him to leave her alone, stating he was about to get her number. Young Thug tries to calm himself.

At the end, the woman greets them with drinks and says refreshments are located in the shop next door. She asks him if they enjoyed the art. Swizz Beatz asks for a brochure. DJ Snake it gets better each time he sees it. Jeremih texts the young man. Young Thug runs out to the gift shop and takes a deep breath.

Director: Director X Year: 2017

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