Video Review: Enya “Orinco Flow (Sail Away)”

Enya turns her head away from the watercolor aqua ocean. A waterfall cascades into the ocean. White tulips bloom. A butterfly spreads it wings by a flower. A droplet of water hits ocean.

Against a cream-colored watercolor painting with splashes of yellow, Anya snuggles in her white dress. She sings against the tulips. The waves crash against the rock. Her body turns while a navy blue boat sails in the water.

She opens her hands and a bird flies towards a flower. The earth rotates as she stands by it. A rose opens as she continues to sing. She stands underneath the moon. A garden of flowers grow behind her. The ship continues to sail in the ocean.

Rating: 2/5

Enya sets up her booth at the fair. She arranges her paintings on the wall. To the left of her, a fortysomething woman opens a cardboard box of paperback novels. On the right, a thirtysomething woman folds her arms across her chest as she surveys her handmade jewelry display.

She overheard the fortysomething mutter going from fair to fair has been a waste of time. Her friend nodded, saying she should be in bookstores having signings. Enya smirks to herself. There were always some people on the art circuit who believed it was below them. Painting was something for did for fun. She usually broke even, making enough to cover gas and booth costs.

She waved to the thirtysomething woman selling jewelry. She asked the woman how her dog was doing. The woman replied that her dog had to have surgery but he’s walking fine now. The woman shows her a picture. The woman whispers that the novelist was glaring at them and adds that she must be new.

The woman looks at her painting and picks a landscape of the ocean. She says she’s going to hang it in her living room. Enya says she saw some of her jewelry at a local boutique and congraluated her. The woman smiles, explaining it took about a year for the store to agree to sell them. She hopes to move onto to stores like Anthropologie next.

During the afternoon, Enya smiles and says hello to people who pass by. She does crossword puzzles to pass the time. Around lunch, she stops at the petting zoo and takes an extra forty-five minutes to enjoy her meal at the restaruant.

About 8 pm, she starts to break down her booth and take down her paintings. It was a light day, given it was Friday. She expects to see more people over the weekend. She tells the thirtysomething woman goodbye and heads to her car for her two hour drive home.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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