Video Review: Europe “Rock The Night”

On the Europe tour bus, Joey drinks a beer as he looks out the window. The band members talk to one another. The bus parks at the Hard Rock Cafe.  They walk inside and Mic points at the television, which is showing one of their videos.

A thirtysomething man takes a picture with his camera. A family smiles at them as they wait for their meal. They sit in the corner. The male host hands them their menus. They skim through them. Ian taps his silverware on the table as Joey sings. The customers clap and then get up from their tables. The customers move closer to the band’s table to listen. Joey sings with a ketchup bottle. A female server hands him a microphone and takes the bottle. They look outside the window. A twentysomething man spills his drink as he points to the band.

Joey holds the microphone to a stuffed unicorn. Ian hands John a guitar hanging from the wall. They perform on the counter of the bar. Joey climbs over a table and runs to the stage. The band performs on stage. Joey lifts up John Norum and carries him as he plays. Joey stage dives after finishing the song.

Rating: 5/5

Joey signed autographs for a family. Ian drinks a beer with a twentysomething man. A senior citizen couple talks Mic ear off. The senior citizen woman shows him a picture of his granddaughter and says they would be a perfect couple. The manager announces last call.

Joey waves goodbye to the crowd and takes his carryout bag with him. Mic asks for a to-go container for his beer. The crowd cheers as they leave. The manager helps cleaning up tables and instructs the host to handle the register. He asks the servers to let the customers know they are closed.

Joey howls in the tour bus, exclaiming it was the most fun he has had during the whole tour. He says it was just like when they first started performing. Ian says he’s wired and can’t go to sleep. Mic tells them about the starstruck senior citizen couple. Joey says the people were really into their music. Ian adds that he was surprised so many people knew who they are. Digging into his fries, Joey says they should build a tour around a couple of diners in the United States. Ian taps their manager, waking him up. Their tour manager mumbles that they shouldn’t ever pull a stunt like that again. The band laughs.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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