Video Review: Juice WRLD “Lean Wit Me”

Juice WRLD stands next to his sponsor while the session leader asks everyone to say the Serenity Prayer. The session leader puts his hand on Juice WRLD’s shoulder and wants to know if he has anything to share. Juice WRLD starts to talk,

Pills are strewn on the carpet. A young woman cuts pill on a table.

He walks around the group.

Lit in electric blue, a young man puts a pill in his mouth. In the hallway, he kneels on the floor, hugging a second young woman.

Juice WRLD stares at stained glass window of a church. He lies unconscious on the floor.

In black-and-white, he dances in the an aisle of a convenience store. Two monsters stand on top of the shelves. A member of the Narcotics Anonymous group closes his eyes in the church.

At the meeting, the second young woman continues to hug him as he kneels. The members of group circle them.

A 911 dispatcher answers the phone and asks for an address while a second young man lies dead on his bed. Juice WRLD hangs up the telephone. A police officer arrests him at the convenience store. He hangs his head out the window as the police officer drive. One of his demons sits in the front seat.

The convenience store rotates to color as he continues to rap in the aisle. A car crashes into a pole next to the hollowed out store.

He hits his hands on the top of an ambulance, sitting in the parking lot at midnight. A guitarist plays next to him. He walks towards the teal light inside the church.

Rating: 5/5

Juice WRLD holds the pills in his hands. He licks his lips and stares at them in his palm. His hands sticky and smeared with pinks and blues, he wrings them from his hand. He flushes them in the toliet and calls his sponsor. His sponsor assures him he’s not a failure nor should he feel any shame. “Every day’s a struggle. However, you chose to throw the pills rather than swallow them.” He thanks him and apologizes for disturbing him. His sponsor tells him not to worry. It’s what he signed up for.

A phone call to 911 resulted in his arrest. The police believed he was a suspect. As he was being held in questioning, he began to shake. He asked for water and rushed through his answers. Seeing his best friend dead chilled every bone in his body. He walked out the room, swearing to leave drugs alone.

However, he still has a long way to go. He has been sober for less than a year. During the meeting, he introduces himself and says that it’s been six months he last took anything. He explains that he almost gave in but couldn’t follow through. “I wanted to so badly. But I want to be alive.”  The session leader hugs him and says he should be proud of himself. Juice WRLD takes a look at the chip as the group members chat over coffee.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2018

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