Video Review: Nicki Minaj “Barbie Dreams”

The crowd applauds as an amber yellow puppet walks to the front of stage. Arms behind his back, he says tells everyone “good evening” and introduces the show, Barbie Dreams. “On to the video!” he calls out after a pause.

Against a navy blue, Nicki Minaj wears a checkered bodysuit with canary yellow long hair and a red plaid jacket.. In a pink crop top and boy shorts, she struts against the navy blue background.

The puppet version of 6ix9ine, wearing a rainbow wig, shakes his head back and forth.

Wearing a black bra top, she holds onto the puppet version of Quavo. Against an apple red background, an aqua puppet version of Lil Wayne stands by his luxury car. The violet puppet version of Meek Mill shrugs as he looks up to the ceiling.

In a white bodysuit and canary yellow mink, she sits on the floor against the apple red background. The puppet version of 50 Cent, with a backwards baseball cap, waves his arms.

Wearing a beaded corset, she flips her multi-colored hair.

In a neon green wig, she bites on her finger as she crawls on the floor, in a denim blue crop top and shorts. She winks.

Against a bubblegum pink background, she puts her hands in the pockets of her plastic hunter green jacket.

A shirtless puppet version of DJ Khaled turns to look  She grabs her breasts and then points as she raps. She snarls at the camera.

Rating: 2.5/5

A puppet version of Meek Mill calls Nicki Minaj on her cell phone, wondering why she isn’t answering. 6ix9ine bounces, happy to received a look from her. 50 Cent yells to her for ignoring him, DJ Khaled tries to find his bearings. Lil Wayne smirks by his luxury car. Quavo whispers to her about Cardi B. She flicks him away.

Nicki Minaj, though, changes her hair color as much as quickly as her men. She has earned her spot in the hip hop community. The male rappers flirt with her backstage and she considers letting them in her bed. However, she blows them a kiss and chats up an actor. They discuss their favorite movies and mutual friends. He asks her to dinner and she accepts.

A producer approaches her to appear in a reality show. She turns it down, stating she has paid her dues and doesn’t have to stoop to that level. Over 8 years, she has had hit singles and weathered the slumps with ease. However, she needs to plan. She has her perfumes selling at department stores. The clothing line at K-Mart didn’t work out. However, she was able to make a deal with H & M.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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