Video Review: Sheena Easton “9 to 5 (Morning Train)”

At the Bluebell Railway in London, England, the first train leaves for the day around 6 am. Sheena Easton puts her hand on the bell of the alarm clock at 7:50 am.

She rides her bicycle to the railway and follows it to the entrance. She grabs her fan and stands next to the conductor on the train. He smiles as she dances next to him. The coals burn in a fire.

During a break, she waits at the dining table while the conductor gets them both coffee. She cleans the lever and pulls one.

She dances by the train stop.

While the conductor reads. she cleans the train.

She stands in front of the pilot and sings as the train rides to it next stop. A worker throws some coal into the fire.

Rating: 3/5

Sheena Easton watches the morning talk shows after her husband leaves in the morning. She opens the refrigerator and takes a donut. She puts it back it and then decides to eat it. She dances around the kitchen as  her favorite band performs on the show.

At 11 am, she starts her daily bike ride. She usually rides up to the train station. While taking a break, she drinks some water and talks to one of the employees. She asks the employee about his wife and says she’s excited about her upcoming dinner party. She buys a ticket from him and rides it into the next city.

On the train. people read their newspapers and sit in their seats, looking out the window. She talks to the woman across from her, saying it’s so peaceful. The woman nods and smiles. She says she’s a stay-at-home wife and doesn’t get a chance to really get out much. The woman side-eyes her. She explains it’s mostly for grocery shopping but she does stop at the department store on the way home.

She waits in line as everybody gets off the train. Then, she stands in another line, waiting to buy her ticket back home. She finds her seat again and looks out the window.

Director: N/A Year: 1980

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