Video Review: Alice Merton “Hit The Ground Running”

Lit in navy blue, Alice Merton floats in the water. A person dunks her head twice into the water. She lies on the floor, the design on her t-shirt blinking.

She presses her hands against her glass cage. She hits it and tries to smash it. She paces and screams. A group of people, wearing white straitjackets, race into the building. Standing in the back of the cage, she watches as they approach. She meets them and they both leap at the same time, breaking the glass.

She runs down the hallway, the color changing to sepia. Leaping through smoke and pushing through a plastic curtain, she runs down the stairs. As she opens the door, raindrops fall on her face.

Rating: 2/5

Alice Merton shouts for help inside her glass cage. She touches the cross on her shirt, hoping it would signal again. However, it fails to light up. She slumps on the floor and cries.

A few hours later, someone slips her some food in a bowl through a door. She sniffs it and starts to eat the mush. Although her stomach continues to growls, she leaves half of the soupy meal. A dull headache knocks her out and she falls asleep.

A stampede of footsteps wake her up. She sits up and gathers her strength. It’s time. She watches the men in white straitjackets run towards her and gathers what little strength she has. They release her from the cage.

As she takes her first steps outside, she sees people crossing the street and dogs walking ahead of her owners. Rubbing her cold arms, she walks down the sidewalk. A young man asks her if she needs help and she turns away. His face seemed familiar. She shrugs off his unwanted touch on her shoulder and continues to walk, searching for a police station.

The hot dogs and fast food fill the air. Nausea rises in her stomach and she gags near the entrance of a shop. It was all too much. It was real food and she craved it. She glances at the street signs, looking for a familiar path. At the end of the corner, she walks into a convenience store and asks for help. She says she’s so hungry and needs the police. The clerk tells her to stay where she is and gives her some coffee and a doughnut. Behind the register, he calls the 911.

As she drinks her coffee, an ambulance arrives and an EMT wraps her in a blanket. They ask her name and her last address. The EMT confirms the information to the police. The police officer tells her they have been looking for her a long time.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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