Video Review: The Wallflowers “Three Marlenas”

A hat floats in the teal ocean. Jakob emerges from the water and walks towards a fishing boat. He passes several men swimming to the waves.

In his boots, he steps onto the white sand. Water drips from his leather jacket. A man stands paused, with several versions of himself, holding a surfboard. A young woman, wearing a bikini, also frozen, stops to pause in at least three spots on the beach. A dog leaps in the air to catch a frisbee. A single bird flies over his head.

He crosses into the city and sees a young man riding his bike. In a suburban neighborhood, a fortysomething man waters his lawn. A shirtless man jogs.

Back in the city, he waits at the cross walk. He walks with a sixtysomething woman and a young man carrying several boxes. He walks to a store and peers into the window. Inside, he sees his band play. A postman’s mail flies in the air.

He stands inside a bus. Across from him, a young man nurses his bloody nose with a cloth. In his pocket, he takes out a fish and gets off at the next stop. He walks into the Medway Car Rental. The clerk eyes him as Dylan stands by his desk.

Rating: 1/5

Each person seems to have a secret. The men who surfed by him embezzled from their businesses and blamed their employees. The young woman posing on the beach flirted with men to get things for free and then left them with the tab.

As he walks through the neighborhood, he sees a fortysomething man jogging, who is stalking his ex-girlfriend. A man drinking from a plastic cup hides his alcoholism. There’s a hit-and-run no one knows about. Only the dogs are the innocent creatures, loving their humans, believing the best of them.

Back in the city, he sees a band playing in a store. They seem to be hardworking people and he wishes he had time to talk to them. They keep to themselves and thank the people for any tips they receive. However, he has learned to watch out for himself. Although they seem like honest people, he still doesn’t know who they are. He leaves for the bus.

On the bus, he discovers a fish in his pockets. It provides him some faith. Once he gets off at the bus stop, he walks towards the car rental place. He’ll continue to find good people. However, he as he walks into the car rental place, the clerk tries to tack on other services. Jakob questions it and calls for the manager when the clerk argues with him. The manager fires the clerk on the spot and apologizes. Jakob shakes his hand and chats with him. The manager tells him to be safe. Jakob holds the key in his hand and smiles, having found someone who has done the right thing.

Director: Big TV! Year: 1997

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