Video Review: 98º “I Do (Cherish You)”

A young woman (Ali Landry) throws her bouquet over the balcony to her single friends and family below. The flower girl tosses red rose petals as she walks down the white carpet rolled out in the garden.

As Drew drives the car, the young woman takes off his hat and tosses it. Justin kisses her on the ear while she takes a bath. She and Nick sleep together on the rug in his family room.

Nick, Drew, Justin, and Jeff, in tuxedos, stand by the columns of the hotel and watch as the young woman gets married. Family and friends grin as she walks past the pool.

In the car, Drew hands her an engagement ring. She kisses him. Justin puts his shoulder around her and shows her an engagement ring. During the sunset, Jeff and the young woman make out on the beach.

Rose petals fall and champagne explodes from the bottle as the young man (Dustin Diamond) kisses the young woman at the altar.

The needle scratches as the Nick, Justin, Drew and Jeff shrug in disbelief at her new husband. Justin points to the couple and says that’s his girlfriend. Justin cringes. They all leave.

Rating: 2/5

Nick opens another can of beer and says he dodged a bullet. He remarks their relationship was about sex and he was trying to legitimize it by asking her to marry him. They didn’t have much in common and his parents thought she was kind of flaky.

Jeff clinks his beer can with Nick’s. He says they were together for only about six months. At that time in his life, he thought he had to settle down with his first serious relationship. His parents had said they were moving too fast. Both were unfaithful to one another.

Drew believes he was the rebound from Jeff. They had a great friendship. However, their wasn’t any real passion behind their kisses. She got along with his family and had become close with his sister. His sister, though, tells him they don’t like her new husband. He spends too much money on things they don’t need.

Justin chugs his beer and says she could’ve done better. He had really been in love with her and thinks her husband is only going to drag her down. Drew pats him on the shoulder and says his family wished she would’ve married him, too. Justin says that he came home one day and the engagement ring was on the dinner table. He called her and freaked out when he didn’t get an answer. After a sleepless night, she returned his call and said she was leaving. Nick says he’ll find the right person one day. They all will. Justin says he doesn’t care, He’s going to be single for life.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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