Video Review: Carrie Underwood “Love Wins”

A gutted car lies on the bridge Strips of faded newspaper hang from wire and scatter the ground.

Carrie Underwood holds up the ends of her red, beaded dress in a field.

A young man, a senior in high school, surveys the scene. A little girl, mud on her face, takes her mother’s hand. A fortysomething woman struggles to keep it together as she sees the car. A thirtysomething man, in a tank top and jeans, looks to a twentysomething woman. A bearded man shakes the final drops of water inside his bottle. A second twentysomething woman puts her hand on her forehead. A third young woman smiles at her and holds her hand.

As they continue to cross the bridge, they start to laugh and run into the field.

With electric blue cat-eye makeup and a white dress with a butterfly belt, she joins the group and walks on stage. She and her band begins to perform on stage as aqua smoke billows behind her. Lime green and crimson powder bursts off to the corner of the stage as the crowd dances. Two young woman hug one another. A group of teenage of young women jump up and down together. People throw powder. A choir sings on the steps by the stage.

People wait for the powder to hit them. They form hearts with their hands. A red heart is painted across the screen.

Rating: 3/5

The murder of a dozen people rattled the community. The violence they had seen on their social media had reached their lives. News reporters descended into the city while police and FBI trucks drove around daily. A high school senior, a varsity football player, missed his best friend. A little girl comforts her sobbing mother. Her mother hugs her, saying she loves her. A group of people attend a memorial and place stuffed animals by the diner.

Everyone knows at least one person who passed. Some families were eating dinner. An honor student was studying and munching on fries. Several local college students were taking orders from their regulars. All it took was ten minutes to change their community forever.

Nearly 5 years later, the community has finally been able to heal. The high school varsity senior, who lost his best friend, who was studying, became an activist and was running for local office. One of the servers, who had survived, quit her job at the diner, took some time off and returned back to school. The mother had remarried again.

On the 5 year anniversary, the diner was opening again. It had been closed for some time. The owner had sold it and retired from the restaurant business. The guilt had shaken him to his core and he no longer wanted to do it with the diner, which had been in a staple of the community for 20 years. A survivor had bought it and remodeled it. It had been tough walking in the first day but the she believed people wanted something familiar in their town again.

Director: Shane Drake Year: 2018

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