Video Review: 5 Seconds of Summer “Valentine”

Against a black background, Ashton, Luke, Calum and Michael pucker their lips. Ashton and Calum’s heads are directed to the right while Calum and Michael’s are to the front.

Calum’s flicker with a burst of yellow light and a pink neon heart blinks on his chest. Luke, Michael, Ashton and Michael nod. His lips and face become painted with gold. Half a dozen cherry pies spin around Luke.

A band taps his foot, his sneaker turning a flourescent green.

Luke continues his head, gold on his eyes. Michael strums his scarlet red lit guitar. A row of red, green, yellow, purple and blue balloons pop. A hand smashes a pastry.

Three skeletons dance. A balloon pops over a single skeleton’s head. Ashton’s eyes blend together in a circle. A single skeleton, lit in electric blue, shakes his head. The skeletons, with guitars next to them, nod their heads and then change into Michael, Ashton, Calum and Luke. Faded, red streaks paint the guitar and hands of a band member. A knife is stuck into a cherry pie. A chocolate cake spins around.

Kaleidoscopic flowers twist and turn. Lime green lights up their faces. A band member strums his guitar.

Rating: 1/5

Luke rushes to the porch to get the cardboard box sitting underneath the mailbox. He opens it and puts in a gift bag. He fluffs up the red and white tissue. Grabbing his keys, he heads to the flower shop to pick up his order.

His girlfriend returns and sees the package. Her mouth drawn, she moves the tissue paper and sees it’s a jewelry box. She throws her head back and lets out a deep sigh. She hears the door open and sees Luke, grinning and holding a dozen roses. She forces a small smile and takes the bouquet. He tells her not to worry about dinner. They are going out.

At the restaurant, he orders them some wine. She offered to pay for the next bottle. As she gulps down the wine and pours herself another glass, he comments that the grilled salmon was really good and it was a solid recommendation. She shakes her head. In a loud whisper, she says she hates the salmon and wants to go home. He asks for the check.

Back at home, she turns on the television and scooches away from him. Gritting her teeth, she says she wanted to spend time on the couch and relax. He nods and folds his across his chest as they binge-watch a show.

Director: Andy DeLuca & Ashton Irwin Year: 2018

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