Video Review: Brandy “Sittin’ Up In My Room”

Brandy sings along with the radio as she sits on her bed. Her best friend knocks on the door and Brandy calls out “What!?” Her best friend opens the door and tells her to come downstairs to the party. She adds that the four guys she wanted to come are dancing in the family room, including Donald/ Brandy turns her head and says “Donald’s downstairs?” Brandy says asks her friend to wait.

In the family room, a group of her classmates dance by the stereo. Donald (Donald Faison) sits on the couch, nodding his head.

On her bed, Brandy watches Savannah (Whitney Houston), Robin (Lela Rochon), Gloria (Angela Bassett) and Bernadine (Loretta Devine) dance in “Waiting To Exhale.” Savannah puts her arm around her boyfriend, Kenneth (Dennis Haysbert). Robin sighs as she sits at the restaurant.

Brandy paints her nails.

Gloria vents as she walks around her home. Robin sits on the couch, eating candy.

Brandy dances in front of her floor length mirror. She changes into several outfits.

Bernadine looks out the kitchen window and closes the curtain.

Brandy walks downstairs and peeks into the family room.

Robin and Savannah check out a man at the club.

Brandy dances with two of the guys. She sees Donald and cuddles next to him as they slow dance. She returns back to her room to finish the movie.

Rating: 3/5

Brandy taps her foot to the music booming downstairs as she watches a movie in her bedroom. After seeing her ex-boyfriend kissing a freshman in the hallway, she wanted to be by herself. Although she liked Donald, he didn’t even know she existed. “Waiting To Exhale” seemed to be the antidote to her heartbreak.

Her best friend pleads with her to join the party, saying Donald had decided to come. Brandy wasn’t prepared to be rejected again. But she knew she had to change into a flashy outfit to give her some confidence. None of the outfits seemed to be her. She didn’t even know why she bought the leopard print jacket. She returns to her original outfit.

A friend catches her hesitating by the stairs and walks to her. Her friend says she’s a missing great party and asks her what’s wrong. Brandy shrugs and replies she needed some alone. Her friend points to Donald and says he’s been asking about her for most of the night. Brandy raises her eyebrows, “really?” Her friend takes her hand and walks her over to Donald.

Donald smiles and wants to know if she wants to dance. A slow song turns on and she says it’s okay. He wraps his arms and says they can still dance. After the dance, he got her a drink and some pretzels. They talk about classes and he asks her out for lunch on Sunday. She says she would like that and they continue to hang out together until 3 a.m.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 1995

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