Video Review: Mariah Carey “GTFO”

Mariah Carey, wearing a pink dressing gown and black, lacy lingerie, stares out her bedroom window as she runs her hand along her fishnet stockings.

In a red fur coat and a black negligee, she sits on the kitchen counter, sipping on her glass of wine. The faucet runs as the sink overflows with soap.

She sits on the couch, her violet high heels on the carpet. She dances in the hallway while walking back to the kitchen. Her dog sits next to her on the bed. She holds her wine glass as she walks around her home.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mariah Carey takes off her tattered sweatshirt and stained jeans. She searches her closet for some lingerie and finds a black negligee she bought for herself years ago. She changes into the lingerie and puts her other outfit in the wash. The negligee usually helps her make feel better. It was such a hectic week.

In the back of the fridge, she gets the bottle of Chateau Margaux Margaux she had been willing herself not to open since Tuesday. Her ex-husband had been calling her, complaining that she isn’t disciplining their children in a proper manner. She retorted that any discipline he has should go towards looking for a job rather than being petty with her.

A pile of dishes sits in the sink. The bubbles drip on to the floor. She almost slips her high heels and giggles. The wine has already gone to her head. She shuts her phone off the night and cuddles next to her dog. After closing the blinds, she turns on the television and streams her favorite season of the The Bachelor in Paradise.

She pets her dog as she listens the couples argue. Wine glass in hand, she talks back to the television as she instructs Ashley to move on and stop focusing on a guy who isn’t into her. Some wine spills on the bedspread and the dog jumps off.

Sometime around episode 8, she closes her eyes and falls asleep. She wakes up to her dog licking her face. Putting on her high heels and dressing gown, she walks to the family room to let him outside.

Director: Sarah McColgan Year: 2018

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