Video Review: Eternal “Just a Step from Heaven”

Lit in lapis, several men run as they pass a graffitied building. They all put their hands together in a huddle.

Lit in laps, Easther sings as the podium during a press conference. Louise, Vernie, and Kelle provide moral support.

Lit in copper, Easther leads the protest with the men behind her.

They sing by a chain link fence. They and the men begin a dance routine by the overpass.

Lit in lapis, Easther pumps her arm as she sings underneath the overpass.

They continue to sing by the chain link fence.

Rating: 4/5

Easther leads the chant during the march in the city square. Easther stopped at the park and gave her speech at the podium. She called for peace within the community. She asked for the police officers to protect them, regardless of color. She introduced a 12-year-old girl who wrote a poem about the loss of her mother due to violence. Louise spoke last, stating she could no longer be silent and simply provide encouragement. She had to make a stand and speak up against racism. She read a loud a death threat she received and asked for other allies in the community to join her.

The police held people back from attacking Louise. Easther pulled Louise to her and asked if she was okay. A protestor shouted that a fight was occurring by the curb between an anti group member and a pedestrian. Easther took deep breaths, praying they would be safe during the return home.

At the press conference, Easther answered questions from reporters about the cause and the turnout. She said they all shared one goal: to help their community. Too many people have lost family members or friends to violence. She said it starts at local elections. The reporter followed up with another question: does she plan to run? She answers maybe but she cares about getting the small changes started first. There’s a lot of work to be done.

She attends every city council meeting. She helps to register voters and leads marches around the United States. She meets with other leaders and governors in the various cities. With a former governor’s urging. she campaigns for a seat in the House of Representatives and wins.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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