Video Review: Martin Garrix, Justin Mylo & Dewain Whitmore “Burn Out”

A young man carries a duffel bag into the laundromat. He glances at a young woman as she loads the washer and spins around. She turns to look at him and he faces the washer. He watches her again and then slides across the floor. He leans against a machine and she says nothing. Walking back to his machine, he lifts up his shirt and sprays cologne on his chest. A quick burst of aqua light turns the washing machine into a tunnel. He crawls inside and motions for her to join him.

The laundromat becomes a high school gym. He kicks the balloons as they walk underneath the basketball net. In a jungle, he hides behind a tree and watches a wild animal through his binoculars. He fights off clothes shooting from the machines. She swings from a vine in the jungle. He moves through the crowd in a disco. She rises up from the bubbles. She adjusts her crown as she walks in the high school gym. He claps for her.

She roasts marshmallows over a campfire while the young man plays the guitar. The moon hangs over them. The lyrics run along the screen as he sings. Wearing a gold, sequined robe, he plays a diamond studded piano. She becomes a painting in one of machines as it becomes a museum. He hangs from a rope and lands between the lime lasers. They both dance in the disco and become clothes monsters. They play with the bubbles and she gazes him while at the piano. They kiss in the jungle and escape from the museum. The security officer follows them with a flashlight.

His friend nods to him and he walks to her, saying “hi.”

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman usually kept to herself. While waiting for her clothes to wash, she played a game on her phone. He could usually tell whenever she won a round. She would move her right shoulder a little and smile. He thinks there was a boyfriend for a while. Sometimes, he overheard her telling someone in a loud whisper to listen. But those phone calls stopped a couple of months ago.

His knees began to shake as he walked past her. He really wanted to talk to her. However, he couldn’t get the words out. He had tried leaning by the machines but she seemed to view it as awkward and didn’t know how to respond.

As he puts the clothes in the machine, he thinks of them camping or being high school sweethearts. She was the friendly homecoming queen. Even as portraits hanging in a museum, they would come alive and ran away with each other. As lost clothes monsters, they stomped around the laundromat as an equal pair.  His friend tells him not of it will happen if he doesn’t say something.

He psychs himself up with talking points and searches on his phone for current news events for conversations. An hour and a half later, he gathers up the courage and says hello. He glances at his phone and shows her a funny kitten picture. It breaks the ice and she mentions her kitten. He says he has a dog. She asks him where he lives and he says he can walk her home if she likes.

On the way home, they stop for breakfast and he drops her off at her apartment, which is only a block away from hers. They plan to meet up over the weekend.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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