Video Review: Lionel Richie “Hello”

Lionel Reynolds (Lionel Richie) flips through his script as he waits for his students to arrive. They talk in the auditorium. Reynolds, standing by the stage, explains today’s story. He says that Tony, that his character, “Billyboy has been in prison for 5 years and he was only been a free man for 3 days, the Brooklyn Dodgers were still the Brooklyn Dodgers and Eisenhower was your president.” He tells Laura that she’s Amanda and she wants to get to know him. Tony, as Billyboy, suggests the Paramount for their date. Reynolds watches her as he sits by the piano as she says the “Brooklyn Paramount” no longer exists.

He opens the door of his classroom and watches one of his male students hand her a cane, which she taps on the floor as she heads to her locker. In sculpture class, the teacher guides her to seat. She continues to work on her bust.

At lunch, he walks behind, ready to say hello when a group of her friends come over to talk her. He opens the door to the and watches her practice ballet. Back in acting class, Tony (as Billyboy) says “all I know is this and the can.” She suggests Florida.

At home, she reads her book. Reynolds calls her and she reaches for her phone. After a pause, he says hello and they talk.

He plays piano in his classroom. “Mr. Reynolds,” a student says, “there is something going on in the sculpture class” and adds that he should see it. Reynolds leans against the door. Laura says wanted to show him the sculpture but “finally thinks it’s done.” She turns the bust around on the table and asks for his opinion. He replies “that it’s wonderful” and sits down. She tells him, “this is how I see you” and puts both of her hands on his face.

Rating: 5/5

There was a time Laura Reynolds could see . After the car accident, art was the only thing that gave her hope and allow her to feel a connection to something. Not much was expected of her. Her parents let her apply to art schools. She moved to New York, despite their objections. They wanted her to stay close to home, maybe go to the local community college.

She puts her hand on her husband, Lionel’s shoulders as they finished dinner. He opened up an entire world to her. He encouraged her to put her sculptures in shows and submit her work in competitions. She has painted a mural in Philadelphia and won the Guggenheim Fellowship. She traveled to Europe and studied modern art with some of the greats.  On her way to the college, she passed one of her sculptures at a business.

Her relationship with Lionel, though, raised some eyebrows at the college. He almost lost his job because of her. However, she had to stand in front of the school board and ask them not to fire him. His bosses believed he was taking advantage of her. His parents thought he was taking pity on her and she would be a drain on his finances. He assured them she was independent and didn’t let her blindness stop her. His parents cut him off.

With her, he found a new family. Her parents adored him and were glad she had someone taking care of her. He kisses her goodnight and says he has grade some papers. She lets him know she’s going to stay up and read for a little while. Their little boy walks to them and asks them how many days until they can see his grandparents. Lionel tells him 2 days. He asks Laura to read him a story. She pats the bed next to him and gets out of his favorite book.

Director: Bob Giraldi Year: 1984

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