Video Review: Major Lazer & Burna Boy “All My Life”

In Nigeria, a young man washes his face and hair with the ocean water. He walks barefoot on the sand and picks up an object.

Burna Boy stands on the roof of a building.

The young man sits on his bed.

A bus drives past a young woman’s electronic shop. She starts to dance. The young man wraps his arm in a cast. A second young man pours water on his face.

A crowd gathers to watch the young man and his opponent dambe. The young woman dances underneath a bridge. Two young men dance in a parking lot. A second young man kicks up his legs as he dances inside a bus. A third young man rides a camel on the beach. People walk through the market.

Burna Boy shops in a record store.

The young man wins the fight. The young woman dances at the club.

The young man walks along the beach again.

Rating: 4/5

The young man has taken some hard hits. It There were some early dambes which led him on the ground, bleeding in all three rounds. However, he wanted to win at least once. Through the year, his ranking had been increasing. One of his dambes was livestreamed and ending up receiving the most views.

The match, though, required a visit to the hospital. The doctors and nurses knew him by name. A doctor warned him that he may need to find another occupation soon. His body won’t be able to hand the broken bones and blood loss for long. He tells the doctor he’s famous now and has been able to save. He may not have to fight much longer.

Burna Boy visits his parents and stops to see a dambe in the sand pit. He cheers on the young man and stays to watch him get the trophy. He walks to his favorite record store. The owner greets him and offers him some suggestions. He purchases some record albums and writes down a list of some rarities he is unable to find in the United States. Carrying the record albums under his arm, he stops by an electronic market, run by a young woman.

The young woman lists off the speakers and turntables she has in stock. She thanks Burna Boy and tells him to say to his mother for her. She dances to attract attention to her booth as the punishing sun beats down on her. Some customers stop to watch her. At 6 p.m., she starts to break down her shop and heads home to change. The money she earned today is going to towards some drinks and dancing at the club. She has saved for months and Burna Boy’s purchases allowed her a night off.

Director: Adriaan Louw Year: 2018

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