Video Review: John Mayer “Waiting on the World to Change”

Jon Mayer walks with his hands in his pockets along the East River on a dreary day in New York. He gazes at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Tats Cru sits on a ladder in his studio. DAZE wears a gas mask. Futura 200 sketches some circles. DAZE doodles in his notebook. Futura 200 shakes an aerosol can. Tats Cru opens the door of his storage area and surveys his boxes of spray cans. DAZE stops some for some coffee. They discuss their plans near a wall and then start to work.

One wall says has the EXPEI written. A bomb explodes in the middle of it, eliminating several letters. Another reads “Wake Up!” The K is a rifle while the exclamation mark is a rocket. A third sign states “Think.” A fourth wall simply has circles with various swirls inside.

Rating: 4/5

A news reporter details the latest corruption in government. On another station, the commentators argue with one another. In another country, the people march in the streets and protest. John Mayer turns the television off and puts on his jacket. He decides to take a walk.

During his walk, he thinks of his nieces and nephews who are growing up in an uncertain economy. It could crash and lead to a recession at any moment. He thinks of his grandparents living on Social Security and wonders if it will still be there once he gets of age.

Shootings have become a common occurrence. It has become an accepted part of society. The violence still seems far away and contained as people return back to their false sense of security. He waits in line at coffee shop and sees a plaque honoring a fallen soldier, who once worked there. The young man said he was planning on becoming a computer programmer. However, it didn’t make it past his first tour.

Sitting at the table, he overhears a young man discussing the soundbites he heard on cable news. He copies his debate from one of the commentators. His friend offers cursory remarks in return. Both claim to be interested in politics. Mayer says goodbye to the barista and continues to walk.

Director: Phillip Andelman Year: 2006

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