Video Review: MAX “Basement Party”

A young woman walks into the room of the fashion magazine party. She hands two glasses of champagne to some writers. The executives stand, looking at their phones as she weaves through the room. A model stays still on the couch and poses by the framed cover on the wall. As she walks out of the party, she unbuttons her blouse. She bumps into MAX. He follows her downstairs.

A shirtless man, with a feathered masquerade mask, puts his hand on his chest and stops him at the door. The shirtless man points to a pile of clothes. MAX takes off his clothes.

He walks into the electric blue lit basement and sees people in their underwear.  Some people dance. A group of people hit a balloon with their chest.  Other people play a game of homemade Twister on the floor. Max starts to dance and checks out the young woman.

Upstairs at the fashion magazine party, the DJ looks up as the champagne glasses shake on the table. The DJ and a second young woman walk to the basement and take off their clothes. The fashion editors and models move their eyes in their frozen positions. The DJ moves his arm back and forth as he mans the turntable.

A third woman exhales smokes. Two young women put their hands on a heavyset man’s stomach. A fourth young woman sits in a bathtub. Several people dance in front of lime lasers on the wall. A man laughs as MAX pushes him during the game of Twister. He continues to dance.

Rating: 1/5

The fashion editor eyes the young woman carrying the tray and snickers. Her friend giggles and comments that ” a proper sense of style needs to be a requirement.” They clink their glasses, spilling it on the floor. The young woman walks past a photographer who slaps her on the butt and asks her if she can go on a break soon. She gives him a polite smile and says she’ll get fired since she already took her break. He waves it off, saying he’ll vouch for her. She says she’ll have to okay it with her boss and will be right back. He shakes his head no and tells her it’s fine.

She tells her manager she quits and heads downstairs for another party. She apologizes to MAX as she continues to walk. In her bra and panties, she dances with some friends. They cheer when they tell her she quits. She asks if they knew MAX was going to be there. Ten minutes later, she sees him walk through the door and she smiles at him. They glance at one another while dancing.

She cheers him on he dances by himself and buys him a drink. He asks her what happened to the fashion party. He had received an invitation but decided not to go. She told him it was the usual talk about the issue and everyone pretending not to care about their status. She points to the game of Twister and asks if he wants to play in the next game. He answers “sure!” As they wait, she points to the people walking in and says it’s the model and one of the editors. MAX says the magazine is over. She laughs and says they are not going to be a client for much longer.

Director: Scranton + No. 2 Pencil & Sam Miller Year: 2016

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