Video Review: Hunter Hayes “I Want Crazy”

Hunter Hayes holds his girlfriend as tears roll down her cheeks. During a phone coversation, she says “maybe it’s not a good thing, though.” Hayes replies that he doesn’t believe it.” She says that it was “different than I hoped.” He kisses her forehead as she tells him over the phone, “I miss you.” She puts her hand to her nose as he walks to his car. Over the phone, he says “random question” and suggests, “what if I just flew out there?” She says “that’s a little crazy.”

He plays guitar as he sits on his bed. She moves the curtain and looks out her bedroom window. A camera sits on his table. Photographs lay on his bedspread. He sorts through the photographs. She pets her cat and wakes up the next morning.

He pushes her in a grocery cart down the street.

He runs into the hanger towards his private plan and prepares to take off on the runway.

In the middle of the night, they hold hands as they walk up the stairs of the school. She unlocks the front door and they run down the hallway. They take off some of their clothes. She pushes him into the pool. He pulls her in with him.

They run down an alley and dance on the rooftop. In a field, they play with sparklers. They hide in an alley as a police car drives past and kiss.

He rides in the backseat of a car, smiling. She puts a dress away. He tells his driver to wait and runs up the stairs of her home. She sees him and puts her hand over her mouth. They hug.

Rating: 4/5

She wasn’t herself on the phone. He asked her about her new school. She answered that it was okay. He wanted to know if she made any new friends. She was quiet and then started saying long-distance relationships don’t work. He assures her they will make it through senior year together and mentions just flying out there to see her. She tells him he can’t just take a couple of days off of school.

However, they once skipped class and ended up riding the rollercoasters at Dollywood in the evening. They almost ran out of gas on the way home. It kept dinging during the last stretch of road. They were stalled on the service drive and called their friends for help. Their friends never knew what to expect whenever they began to talk about their adventures. They would often to lead with a disclaimer that “it wasn’t that bad, we promise.”

During his visit with her, she cried in his arms and said she hated living so far away. No one seems to want to talk to her at school. He’s the only one who has stayed in contact with her. She doesn’t want to lose him but he thinks he deserves better right now. She adds a mess and she doesn’t know if she can handle seeing anyone from home. It hurts too much.

Back at home, his friends ask how she’s doing and he says not well. He’s going to try to see if he can move down there with her for a while. His friends know not to stop him. He adds it breaks his heart every time he talks to her. A friend asks him when he plans to leave. He says maybe in a month. It’s something he has to do.

Director: Ends Year: 2013

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