Video Review: Cher Lloyd “Want U Back (US Version)”

Cher Lloyd sits in her car, taking pictures with her bedazzled camera. Her friends listen to music and gossip in the car with her. She pets her dog.

She sits at the counter of a diner, a milkshake by her.

She hits the mugshot wall in the police station.

In the diner, her ex-boyfriend turns his head as his girlfriend walks to his table, carrying her tray. His girlfriend stops to talk with one of her regular customers. Lloyd’s best friend bumps into her, knocking the tray out of his girlfriend’s hand.

She and her friends dance in front of the mugshot wall.

She pulls her ex-boyfriend from his seat by his tie and shoves him into a booth. The cook helps her onto the counter. She dances on the counter and gives a fortysomething man a high-five. She sips on her milkshake as her ex-boyfriend waits for her. His girlfriend grabs him by the shoulder and his milkshake hits her in the face. His girlfriend screams and the customers laugh at her. With ketchup, she writes “too bad” on the counter.

His girlfriend calls the police in the corner. She puts a “kick me” sign on her ex-boyfriend’s jacket and winks. Her friends see the police arrive and block the officers from entering the diner. She moshes in the crowd. The police officer arrests her.

She poses for her mugshot.

Rating: 1/5

Cher Lloyd mocks the sweet “hello” and wave his ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend does at school. She adds that his new girlfriend wears clothes from the resale shops. “I think I saw her wear one of my glitter tops from five years ago.” Her friends snicker. She says they need to get her fired at her job to teach her a lesson. Her friends think it’s a great idea.

At the diner, they sit at the table and ask for her section. They keep calling for her and returning their food. She pulls one of her hairs out of head and places it in the dish. She snaps her fingers and demands to speak to her manager. They giggle as they watch her cry on Lloyd’s ex-boyfriend’s shoulder. Lloyd licks her lips as she walks past him and mentions she’s available whenever he’s bored with his girlfriend.

She starts to dance on the counter and takes food off a customer’s plate, throwing it at another person sitting in a booth. A food fight begins. She steals the ketchup and tea packets behind the coutner. She finds some silverware and stuffs them in her purse.

His girlfriend smirks as she led out of the diner in handcuffs. Lloyd sticks out her tongue at her and curses at her. The police officer informs her and her parents of the court hearing. She rolls her eyes at her parents lecture her.

Director: N/A Year: 2012

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