Video Review: Loud Luxury & brando “Body”

A young man sits in a meeting with his boss in his office.

A young man puts on lipstick and flips her long, brunette hair over her shoulder. In a lacy, crop top and black underwear, she pulls her hair up as she walks down a lavender lit hallway. The young man walks out of his office and pumps his arm. His friends ruffle his hair and they leave work.

Men stare at her while she works the floor of the strip club. The young man and his friends enter the club. A server asks them what they would like to drink. He sees the young woman as she turns her head. A friend of his leads him to the crimson zebra striped booth. He catches her eye and she pulls him by the tie.

In the private area, she straddles him. She touches his neck and the guard kicks him. She holds his hand and they run out of the club. He hails a taxi. They stop at a resale shop. As they sort through the racks, he shows her a fur coat. She runs on the sidewalk, wearing the coat. He gives her a piggyback ride as they walk.

At around 10 p.m., he teaches her how to play Double Dragon at the arcade. She suggests pizza and orders it at the counter. She peers into the box and then sneaks behind the counter to steal some pepperoni. They sit at the table and eat their meal. She smashes a piece of pizza in his face. They continue to walk and sit together, watching the lights of the city glow.

She falls onto the bed into the hotel room. They sleep together. She wakes up and leave. In the morning, he looks out the window and gets dressed. She returns home, wearing the fur coat, her head down. He walks past the crawling monkeys on the wall and avoids the gaze of the desk clerk.

Rating: 5/5

The young man turns his head as he looks around the strip club. He nurses his drink while sitting alone at the table. A server asks him if he would like any more to drink. He nods yes. As he sips his drink, he sees her walk around the room. He cranes his neck, trying to get her attention. She gives him a passing glance and talks with an oily haired man. He watches as she takes him to the private area. His protective instincts kick in and he stifles the urge to run back into the room as the oily man leers at her breasts.

He gulps down his drink, thinking of the night they shared together. Over pizza, he found out they had gone to the same high school. She told him she rooted for him during the pep rallies. He asked her why she didn’t say hello or talk to him. She explains she tried but he ignored her. He apologizes for being a jerk to her and then says he wants her to experience some of his teenage memories with her. He finds the arcade where he used to hang out and they play some games for an hour. She points out the stores where she worked.

Burying his face in his hair as they finish dinner, he asks her if she would like to get a hotel room. She whispers “yes.” As he sleeps with her, he tells her he loves her and wants to be with her. In the morning, he rolls over and realizes she has left without saying goodbye.

The night was one of the best of his life. His friends would from high school would frown upon him dating her, saying she really did turn out to be trash. His parents would tell him he could do better. As he lets her walk away from him weekend after weekend, he knows he won’t talk to her again. She’ll be a familiar stranger to him forever.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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