Video Review: Liam Payne & French Montana “First Time”

Liam Payne opens the door of a home with dangling fruit lights and sees a young woman, wearing a t-shirt, facing him as she leans on the sink. She turns around and washes her hands. He walks out of the door.

He looks out the window, a fiery glow on his face.

The cabs take people to their destinations throughout the night. In the teal light, French Montana waits for him and they drive through New York City.

Payne walks down the subway tunnel. A stereo plays on a table as a man dances in the subway. Payne walks around the city, passing by the Brooklyn Bridge.

Wearing a leather jacket, she steps in a puddle as she heads towards the Brooklyn Bridge.

Montana raps outside the young woman’s apartment building. A little boy runs past Payne and plays in the puddle with a friend. Payne sees her at the railing and says hello. She turns around and smiles.

Rating: 1/5

Liam Payne knocked on the door of her home. She wanted to know why he was there, explaining she was getting ready for bed. He put his head down, stating he was hoping to hang out with her by the Brooklyn Bridge. She said maybe they could but not right now. As she brushes her teeth, he moves the dangling lights out of his face and leaves.

French Montana asks him how the conversation went. He shakes his head, telling him he doesn’t want to talk about and then turns on the radio. Montana says she’ll come around and meet him anyhow. Montana drops him off at home. He watches the drizzle on the window and decides to take a walk. All he needs for her is to try.

He takes the subway back into the city. While sitting on the train, he sees people reading or on their phones. He checks his phone and starts to text her. However, he deletes it as the train door opens. He doesn’t want to overwhelm her.

She sits in on her couch and stares out the window while her favorite show plays on the television. She could’ve invited him inside or told him to wait at another half hour. He had mentioned getting together and setting a time. She figured he had been only saying it and wasn’t going to follow through. The crestfallen look on his face as she told him no wrecks her. She rushes into her bedroom and changes into some shorts and a t-shirt.

As he walks towards the Brooklyn Bridge, he sees her and grins. She asks him to watch the stars with her. He puts his arm around her.

Director: Phillip R Lopez Year: 2018

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