Video Review: LSD “Thunderclouds”

Diplo fixes the mirror inside his van as he drives in the bubblegum pink sky.  Sia, as a puppet, views a storm cloud through her binoculars. A young woman (Maddie Ziegler) brushes her teeth as she sits in the van and watches the storm cloud from the window. She opens the door and sees Labrinth, sitting cross-legged on cloud and jumps on top of the van. The young woman reaches for Sia.

The young woman dances as the storm cloud swirls around her. Labrinth mediates on his cloud. Diplo checks on the young woman. The van nosedives towards the ground. In the evening, Diplo inspects the van. The dog bites at the storm cloud as ist passes by him. Labrinth sits by the campfire as the young woman chases the storm cloud away. Labrinth waves his hand over the flower, lighting up the sky again.

The young woman plays with the storm cloud. It changes it into a lion and Diplo. A butterfly flies by Labrinth as he moves his arms. Diplo hits the van with a bat. The electricity from the lighting starts the van up again. Diplo flies into the thunderstorm. The young woman dances on top of the van again while the lightning strikes behind her. Labrinth opens his hands and a circle of light appears, allowing Diplo to steer out of the cloud.

The storm cloud forms a heart and the young woman smiles. She traces a heart with stardust. The cloud leaves and animated blue tears fall on the young woman’s cheek. Diplo stands to her as Labrinth faces the large storm cloud.

Rating: 4/5

All the young woman wanted to do was sleep. Diplo kept calling her, asking her if she was okay. She muttered she was fine and folded her arms across her chest. Labrinth suggested she join in his mediations. It may help her feel better.

A little storm cloud flew by their window and began to follow them. It stayed by her window and danced. She said she was going outside and climbed out of the van. Diplo could only tell her to be careful. However, he hoped she wouldn’t be out there for long. Labrinth flew near the van and prayed for her.

The little cloud cheered her up while she at her lowest. It became a friend to her. Diplo, though, didn’t know what to do or how to help. She seemed to revel in her melancholy. Labrinth searched for light wherever he could, giving her reason to hope again. However, she sunk deeper into her depression.

Diplo asked for help from everyone he knew. He snapped when people told him it was a phase. The doctor refused her to prescribe her medication, saying she was not at risk. Labrinth reminded her she had people who cared and she wasn’t alone. They were with her and weren’t going to let her suffer by herself.

She wiped the tears from her eyes and said goodbye to the little cloud. Diplo and Labrinth stay with her until she was ready to go home. After two hours, she told them it was time. She needed to return back to her life again. On the ride back. she prays with Labrinth. She tells Labrinth she doesn’t know how she was able to pull through the sadness. Part of her misses it, though. It was a difficult time and she realized she could be a strong person However, she isn’t used to smiling and laughing every day. Diplo explains to her it will be routine again and it’s okay to be happy.

Director: Ernest Desumbila Year: 2018

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