Video Review: No Doubt “Simple Kind Of Life”

Tony sits beside Gwen by a wall muted key emblazoned in tinsel. He puts his head in his hands as she stares off into the distance. They hug.

A 10-year-old girl throws a rose petal in Gwen’s face as she runs a wedding dress, carrying a bouquet through a carnival. Tony, Tom, and Adrian chase after her. She stops at a church door and tosses her bouquet. She watches Tom slip.

She sits next to Tom on the couch. He puts his arm around her and she shrugs it off. She kicks out the lamp and stands on the table.

In her wedding dress, she runs in a room of cakes. Tom, Tony and Adrian each hit the cakes with a baseball bat. She pulls Tom away from one of the cake and then sits on the floor, licking the frosting off her fingers.

She glows in the white light as silver stars twinkle behind her.

Adrian offers her his drink as he drums on his bed. He gets up to play with the band.

Spotlights shine on her as she runs in her wedding dress with Tony, Tom and Adrian in a cemetery. She almost collapses to the ground and Tom catches her. She sees a baby and picks him up. As she holds the baby, Tony, Tom and Adrian gesture for her to hand him over. She gives the baby to a nurse and walks into a trailer. Sitting at her vanity, she washes her face with a cotton pad. She looks down at her hands.

Rating: 3/5

Jennifer and Rick live in the Midwest. Rick grew up in Traverse City, Michigan and moved to the suburbs to attend college. It was in his Modern Literature class when his eyes fell upon Jennifer, who raised her hand in class to defend Marylou in On the Road. Three years later, Rick and Jennifer traveled to California. With her feet in the Pacific Ocean, he asked for her hand in his marriage.

Gwen flings the magazine to the other side of the room, no longer wanting to know more of Jennifer and Rick’s perfect life together. Tony kisses his girlfriend and the bitterness overwhelms her. Her boyfriend hasn’t called her in two days. Tony’s girlfriend tells her she wants a wedding dress like the model on the cover and asks her opinion. Adrian sees Gwen force a smile and tries to cheer her up with a joke. However, she tells him to leave her alone. She gets a beer and shuts the door of her bedroom.

Her life isn’t ever going to start. It’s only going to be work with occasional nights out with her boyfriend. He says he loves her but not much more. She would like to have a child someday. Her boyfriend is a favorite with her niece and whenever she sees them together at the holidays, her heart aches.  At night, next to him, she wonders if he’s in love with someone else or waiting for the right moment to run. She lies on her bed and cries into her pillow.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2000

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