Video Review: Travis Scott “Stop Trying To Be God”

A black sheep’s eyes flickers a blood red as it walks along Travis Scott  in a suburban neighborhood. Scott glances over at his herd who follow him. A crystal ball of fire glows in the sky.

Scott continues to walk past a graffitied home. People run from the stream of fire aiming for them. He looks up in the night sky and covers himself as the fire strikes him. A golden spirit (Kylie Jenner) holds a scorched Scott in her arms as black smoke hovers over the city.

In the clouds, God watches the world below while angels dance around him.  On a heather grey cliff, he looks to God and then to the group of people wearing white. He raises his arms up and the people repeat the gesture back to him.

He stands in the ocean, a line of people on each of side of him. A woman folds her hands in prayer as he puts a second young woman’s head under water.

A dragon breathes fire while he rides it over the city. God sees him and melts him with blood red lasers.

Snow falls over a manger. People sit by candles and pray. A man plays a piano. A young man places his hand on his wife’s shoulder. The golden spirit cradles a lamb in her lap.

Rating: 4.5/5

Travis Scott has become a god. He educates the nonbelievers with his self composed scripture. His congregation of loyal fans offer to reach out to them. He develops a community of followers who ask him to cleanse him of their sins. He takes them out to the ocean and purifies them.

God zaps him with a righteous fury, sending him to hell. A golden spirit pleads for his redemption and saves him from the devil’s hand. She assures him that God will forgive him for invoking His name. A second chance at heaven is possible, though, he will have to undergo trials to prove his worth.

Scott bows in front of God and says a prayer. God closes his eyes and listens. God tells him he didn’t stumble over his words and calls for the angels. The angels arrive, their wings fluttering. God instructs them to open the gate. Scott lifts his head, sighing a relief. God, though, points at him and sends him back to Earth. God tells him there are depraved individuals killing others with their greed. God adds they do not have long to live. However, he requires them meet with a spirit to rid them of their evil.

Scott lands in a mansion somewhere in California. His eyes widen as he views the life-size painting in the foyer of the person who needs to atone for his sins.  He looks up at the sky, feeling Heaven slip from his grasp.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2018

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