Video Review: Lonestar “I’m Already There”

Richie puts his finger as he talks into his cellphone in the early morning. Inside the Union Station Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, Lonestar perform in the lobby.

Richie sits in a chair as he sings. In a split screen, lit in lapis, Richie talks on his cellphone. On the left, his wife holds their newborn in a photo as her children sit by her.

Dean plays the piano. In his split screen, Dean talks on the phone while on the left, his little girl holds up a picture.

Michael plays the guitar. In his split screen, he sits leans against the wall, guitar by his side. On the left, he opens a book and smiles as he looks at a picture of his wife.

In a split screen, Dean laughs at he looks through a scrapbook. To the right, he touches the photo of his infant son standing up in his pajamas. Keech drinks his coffee and looks out the hotel room window. On the left, he puts his arm around his son as they fish. Richie continues to talk on his cellphone.

He snaps his cellphone shut and walks in downtown Nashville. He crosses the street and passes Sam’s Clothing.

Lonestar continue to perform in the lobby.

Rating: 1/5

Richie takes pictures of the Union Hotel on his cellphone and sends them to his wife. She would love the place. He hasn’t been home in months and misses her so much. Over the years, they’ve developed a routine of calling each other at a certain time. Whenever she didn’t answer, he worried and left a message. Cell phones had helped make the communication easier.

He sees Michael leave with his guitar. After a long trip, Micheal usually needs some time alone. Sometimes their manager has to get him. He gets engrossed in his book and forgets about rehearsal. Dean talks about his family nonstop, sharing memories as they ride in the tour bus. A highway sign could lead to a story from him. Keech, though, thinks of his son. He’ll often say it out loud it was a great day for fishing. His son was okay with him being gone all the time. It was all he knew. Keech didn’t talk much about his family. It was how he coped with being on the road.

Richie leaves a message on his wife’s cell phone. They’ll talk tomorrow. Out of all the spouses, his wife understood they were at their peak. As he sees the crowd grow outside the hotel, he puts the missed conversation in the back of his mind. It was time to work.

Director: Michael Saloman Year: 2001

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