Video Review: Rita Ora “Let You Love Me (Version 1)”

In London, England, Rita Ora walks down a teal lit tunnel. A young man walks with down the tunnel with his arm around his friend. Lit in apple red, they walk down stairs and greet some friends. Ora sits with her best friend in the  family room. She checks the young man out as he stands in the hallway. He puckers his lips at her and she laughs.

Ora leans against a mirror, illuminated by a red lightning strike hanging on the wall next to her.

Lit in aqua, she sits on top of a bed.

He watches her take off her jacket and walk up the stairs. He leaves his friends and looks for her. She and her friend play with two virtual reality headsets.

He sits on the couch and watches her dance. As she walks towards him, he keeps his eye on her as he licks the rolling paper. They talk over the table, littered with beer cans and glasses. She takes his hand and they dance. He holds her as she arches her back. They kiss and then walk up the stairs together.

They make out in the bathroom. Her best friend pulls him away from her and she bursts out laughing. They leave the party together. He looks out the window at them as they walk home.

Rating: 2.5/5

Rita Ora sighs and says it was going so well with the guy. She didn’t need any rescuing. Her best friend tells her she was doing her a favor. The guy is a mess, her best friend explains, he doesn’t know what he wants. “So he’s just like me then?” Ora counters and her friend glares at her, stating it’s not what she meant.

A month later, he puts his arm around his waist as she passes him at another party. He asks how she’s doing. She responds that she’s doing all right. They talk for about ten minutes. He asks to speak to her upstairs. “Seriously?” she asks him and then points her finger to the door, suggesting the porch instead.

On the porch, he says he might’ve heard some things about him. She nods, saying her best friend didn’t want her to be with him. He explains although he really wanted her, it wasn’t entirely about sex. Usually, with him it is. Ora nods, saying it would’ve been with the same. He says he would like to hang out with her, “No sex,” he emphasizes, waving his hands in front of him. She shakes his head and says it’s okay.

Director: Malia James Year: 2018

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