Video Review: Marshmello & Bastille “Happier”

An eight-year-old girl blinks back tears while her classmates won’t let her play. She sits at the table, waiting for the birthday cake. Her mother puts it on the table and a classmate blows out the candles. She wipes a tear and opens a present from her father. It’s a yellow bow. Her father asks her to wait. She smiles as she sees her father carry a puppy. Her father takes a picture of her cuddling with her puppy. The photo sits on the mantle.

Her father measures her and the Mello’s height over the years on the doorway. At 18 years old, she (Miranda Cosgrove) gives Mello a yellow bone before school and pats him on the head. During gym, she stares at the bleachers while teams are picked. She sits in the bleachers alone, holding the soccer ball. After school, she and her Mello play soccer in the backyard.

In the soccer team photo, the coach hands her the ball. However, a popular young woman takes it from her and forces her out of the spot. She stands off to the side. The photographer instructs her to smile. She opens her mouth to smile and then covers it while her teammates make fun of her braces. Back at home, she throws her phone on the floor and lies down on the couch. Her dog scratches on the door and she lets him inside. He gives her his paw and sits beside her. She tries to get him to do his favorite trick but he lies on the floor. Bottles of medicine sit on her table as she pets him on the couch.

The following December, she finds motionless in the family room and calls for her father. His dog carries him and take him to an urgent care. As she pets him in the room, the veterinarian tells her father the bad news. She cries and her dog gives his paw to her. She takes off his yellow bow and waves at him as her father carries him down the hallway. Her dog looks back at her and a tear rolls down her cheek.

Twenty years later, she ties a yellow bow in her hair and watches her daughter sit at the table. Her daughter sees her grandfather and hugs him. Her granddaughter opens the present and sees the red bow. Her grandfather tells her to wait and brings her a puppy. She cries a tear as her daughter ties the red bow on the puppy. Her grandfather takes a picture and it sits on the mantle, next to her photo with Mello.

Rating: 5/5

Mello was such a loving dog. The young woman misses him every day. Growing up, he kept her company when no one came over to play. He sat with her as she cried and offered her his paw to comfort her. During high school, she looked forward to hearing his bark to greet her after listening to the snickers and insults while she walked to class. He helped her become better at soccer. Although she made the team, her classmates excluded her from parties and teased her about her braces. However, he was having a hard time moving. He had a limp and needed medication to help relieve the pain.

By the winter, though, he was unable to get up from the floor. The veterinarian said he was too sick. She said goodbye to him one last time. Life without her only friend was trying  However, she began to go out more and met her husband. She found herself a decent paying job and had a daughter.

Her daughter had been asking for a dog. She promised to take care of it. The young woman said she’d think about it. Losing Mello had been tough. She didn’t know if she could go through it again. Her father said Mello wouldn’t ever be replaced. She said okay.

As she works from home, the puppy comes over to her and cries as he looks at the door. She tells him her daughter will be home soon and pats him on the head. She’ll always love Mello but he’s a good little guy, too.

Director: Mercedes Bryce Morgan Year: 2018

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