Video Review: Alessia Cara “Seventeen”

A father and a eight-year-old girl get on the bus. He gives her a ring and hugs her. Across from them, a young man stares out the window while a second young man plays on his phone.

At age 14 (Alessia Cara), she holds onto the straps of her backpack as she takes the bus to school.

By  17 years old, she sits next to her best friend on the bus. Cara dances around while her friend scrolls through her phone.

By 25 years old, Cara carries a Grammy while she takes the bus into the city for her work.

Around 30 years old, she plays with her infant son and sings to him as they take the bus to his daycare.

At 45 years old, she sits with her surly teenage son and ruffles his hair.

She sways in the seat at 60 years old. She looks at the ring on her finger and the seat next to her. Across from her, 17-year-old young woman talks with her boyfriend.

Back at 17 years old, Cara crosses her legs in the seat in front of her and stares out the window.

Rating: 5/5

Alessia Cara takes a book out of her purse and reads on the bus. She won’t be taking the bus for much longer. In two weeks, she’ll be moving in her with her son and his wife. She said she was ok by herself. His son mentions that she was in the hospital for breaking her hip and it’s not safe for her be alone anymore.

She has never had a license. Her father and son both encouraged her to get one. However, she liked the bus. It took her some extra time to get places. But she was able to see the city grow and change over the years. Her son texts to her to check on her. She types that she’s only about 45 minutes away.

To her left, she sees a young couple whispering and giggling. As a teenager, she flirted on the bus with a guy she liked. They dated for a few years. However, they broke up as she started writing music for a local record label. A relationship with a producer led to her son. Her son is the best part of her life. Her father adored him. During his son’s troubled teenage years, her father took him fishing and baseball games. At his grandfather’s funeral, he broke down into tears and couldn’t finish his eulogy. Those times were special to him.

At her stop, she thanks the bus driver and tells her to have a safe trip home and sees her son waiting for her.

Directors: Aaron A & Alessia Cara Year: 2016

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