Video Review: INXS “Never Tear Us Apart”

Violinists play on the lawn near the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic. Michael rubs his hands together as he walks past them. Garry sees a young woman hugging her boyfriend as he leans against a tree. The lights of the National Theater shine on the city at night.

The young woman leans against the Charles Bridge. Michael pushes his hair back as he looks at a castle. The young woman paces by the bridge. Micheal moves some branches of a tree out of his way as the violinists continue to play. A sixtysomething man turns around while the swans swim in the lake.

Kirk plays the saxophone in the Jewish Cemetary. Michael walks past him. He stares at the young woman standing at the Charles Bridge. Micheal walks under the Astronomical Clock. People walk around the Old Town Square.

Rating: 5/5

Michael followed the love of his life to Prague. In his mailbox, he had received a letter from her with pictures, telling him of her stories. It was the third country she had visited within the year. She spoke of the festivals and the people who had let her stay for dinner or bought her something to drink. However, her questions were about home and their friends. She urged him to write back, saying she looked forward to his letter. It was a piece of home.

After reading the letter, he booked a flight to Prague. On the plane, he searched for clues in the letters. Her favorite place was the Charles Bridge. He read the guide book and noted the address on the letter. All he knew she was somewhere in the city. She had mentioned something about working. However, he had to know.

He listened to the violinists as he thought of what to say and then headed for the Charles Bridge. In the distance, he saw her standing there, gazing at the city. She sees him and spins around to face him. She asks him what’s he doing in Prague. He tells her he’s there to see her and only her. She says she can’t guarantee him anything. Maybe a night together. However, time has always separated them. Michael says he won’t allow it to happen anymore and kisses her.

Director: Richard Lowenstein Year: 1988

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