Video Review: Daniel Bedingfield “James Dean (I Wanna Know)”

A full moon looms over Los Angeles, California. A young woman watches Daniel Bedingfield, as he walks backwards to the entrance of the bar.

He takes a seat at the counter and the young woman cleans a section of the bar. A group of friends play a game at a booth. He holds the bottle to his face.

On stage, he catches the bottle as he performs inside the bar. He crawls on the floor. As he puts on his jacket, he points to the young woman.

He moves backwards through the dancefloor.

Back at the bar, he holds the bottle to his again. The young woman slides it to him.

He walks backwards down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A helicopter shines its light on him as he pauses at the James Dean star.

Rating: 0/5

Daniel Bedingfield poses at the Rebel Without A Cause Monument at the Griffith Observatory. He finds the exact spot Dean sat in the planetarium. It was a life changing moment. Back at home, he sifted through papers and reports at his job. He and his wife watched television shows after dinner. Then, they woke up the next morning and did the same routine all over again.

A month later, his wife cleans up the table of their Berkley home. He announces he wants a divorce and that he’s moving to Los Angeles to become an actor. Tears glisten in her eyes as she exclaims “what?” She urges him to think of what he’s doing. He shrugs and says he has his mind made up.

As a single man in Los Angeles, he has drunk through most of his savings at the local bar. He tries to strike up a conversation with the female bartender. However, she tells him she’s going to have to cut it off him soon. He rants that he has a great singing voice but can’t get any agents to notice him. He blew up his entire life for nothing. The female bartender says they all have dreams. She wants a normal job with regular hours. He points to her and tells her she can make it out. He believes in her. She tells him he’s calling him a cab. He waves off the suggestion, saying he’ll leave.

She watches him walk back home and hopes he’s safe. During her next shift, she sees his seat empty. The owner says the police picked him up last night. He’s currently sitting in jail. Apparently, he started a fistfight. She shakes her head. Maybe he will get the help he needs.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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