Video Review: Silk City, Dua Lipa, Diplo & Mark Ronson “Electricity (Version 1)”

As the sirens go off in the street, a young man mentions that a blackout “can kiss my-” He is cut off by a reporter on the radio, saying “the giant skyscrapers stand like luminous shadows.” Dua Lipa continues to listen as she gulps from her gallon of water. She leans back in her chair.

The lightbulb in her lamp blinks as she twirls around her desk. Some desk lamps blink while she slides on the side of the refrigerator. She kicks up her legs on the couch. A young woman sees the lights flickering from the sidewalk.

Two young men help Lipa to the couch. She dances with one of the men as people walk into her apartment. A couple makes out. A thirtysomething man presses the button to the elevator along. They ride the elevator and it shakes.

Lipa dances in a crowd of people who shine their flashlights on her.

The next morning, several lie asleep on the floor. A young woman plays the keyboard. She opens her eyes as she sits in the chair. A fourth young man plays the drums.

Rating: 2/5

Dua Lipa had pressed the light switch as she left the kitchen. It took to her about a minute to remember there was no electricity. A DJ mentioned it had affected several states in the Midwest. She started dancing around to pass the time. Every so often, a light flickered.

At about noon, the office cheered as the lights went out. Her supervisors had told them to stay in their seats and wait. She talked to her co-workers and cleaned her desk. She scrolled through her phone and saw that various places around the state had reported the electricity going out. At 2 p,.m., her supervisor announced they could go home. A blackout had occurred.

Some of her friends texted her, asking if they could stay over. The hotels were booked and they were bored. She told them yes. They danced until they passed out. Some of her friends played music to wake the others up. She and her friends went to breakfast. Back at her apartment, one of her best friends gets out a board game and they play throughout the afternoon. On the radio, the DJ reports most of New York has their power restored. She opens her laptop and checks her email. Her work had sent out an announcement that normal hours will resume tomorrow.

Director: Bradley & Pablo Year: 2018

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