Video Review: Cathy Dennis “Everybody Move”

At a hotel, a young man hits a gong. The bellboy flinches. They wait outside for their next guest. The young man straightens the bellboy’s uniform and rubs his cheeks. Cathy Dennis sits in the backseat as her driver takes her to the hotel. The bellboy grabs her bags.

As she enters, people turn their heads to watch her walk up the stairs. Her friends follow her. The bellboy slips on the stairs as he carries the luggage. She looks out the window. The bellboy plays his guitar below.

In the game room, two fiftysomething man play pool. Dennis and her friends dance. They continue to dance in the dining room. Two male servers spit out their wine. A fiftysomething man calls for order with his bullhorn. A server cleans a stain and puts a man’s toupee back on his head. The tiger’s eye in the painting moves. A chef, wearing a football helmet, tosses a grapefruit.

The sculpture opens his eyes and glances at her. A fiftysomething man complains of a fly in his soup. A server swats it. The sculpture dances. A lobster flails on the plate. The servers begin to dance. The fifysomething man blow kazoos while their wives dance by her. She sips some wine.

Rating: 3/5

Cathy Dennis stares at the countryside. The driver remained quiet as he turned left. She asks him how he is doing. He answers he’s doing fine and inquires if she needs anything. She answers no and continues to look out the window. He tells her they are only a few minutes away from the hotel and apologizes for the long drive. She assures him she’s okay.

At the hotel, the employees fumble and twist their words as they help her. She overhears the manager yell at the bellboy for dropping her stuff on the stairs. She confronts the manager and tells him he’s doing a good job. It is not a fireable offense. She sits in her room by herself.

She knocks on the door of her friends’ rooms and asks them to come downstairs with her. They agree and ask what she wants to do. She says she wants to hang out and have fun. The fiftysomething men in the dining room, though, ignore her and instruct the employees to keep her under control.

The employees, though, let her dance. She asks the server about his wife. The employee keeps his eyes at the floor and answers “okay.” In the corner, she sees the manager glaring at the server. She rolls her eyes and decides she needs to contact corporate once she gets home. The manager is out of control. The fiftysomething man at the head table calls for her to sit down. She refuses and leads one of the employees to dance with her.

The employees, knowing they won’t get into trouble, dance with her. The wives of the fiftysomething men stand up and move with her. The men join in last, digging in their heels to avoid giving her the win.

Director: Bob Spiers Year: 1991

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