Video Review: Weezer “Africa”

In black-and-white, a man rubs his chin as he stands by the wall. Upside down, a band waits to play in the studio. The screen rotates while the lights dim. Rivers (‘Weird Al’ Yankovic) waves his right arm as he stands at the microphone. Scott faces the amplifier and snaps his fingers.

The lights turn on, illuminating the lapis background. Patrick inflates his cheeks as he taps the drums. Scott sits on the floor and plays. Rivers kicks his leg in the air. Scott plays by Rivers, who shakes his legs and then wanders around. Rivers plays the accordion.

The lights dim again. Rivers pump his fist.

Rating: 0/5

In the 90s, the lovable geek played his video games, wore flannel and listened to Weezer nonstop. The lovable geek was out of the mainstream and mocked for spending time at the arcade. He’d turn on the television and realized popular family sitcoms deemed an outcast based on his interests. On the weekend, he’d search the comic stores for the rare issues and buy his tickets for Comic-Con. However, there was no rush. The event usually didn’t sell out anyway.

However, in the late ’10s, the lovable geek fights through the crowds at Comic-Con. However, the constant barrage of superheroes in movies has cooled comic obsession, though. He has since the passed the issues down to his daughter, who reads them over and over. He helps her track down old issues on the Internet.

While on the Internet, he comes across a new Weezer video, mocking him as a teenager. He shakes his head and turns it off mid-way through. As a teenager, he could relate to the band. However, seeing them mock who they once were seems to be a slap in the face. He can’t believe he attended all their concerts in the mid-90s and hoped for a comeback. However, they are who they were back then and neither is he.

Directors: Brendan Walter & Jade Ehlers Year: 2018

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Pam Avoledo spends her time binge-watching classic teen dramas and stands firm in her pro-Leyton stance. She also received her journalism degree in 2006 from Oakland University. Her work has been published in the White Wall Review, Sledgehammer Lit , Greatest City Collective & 45 Magazine and forthcoming in Daily Drunk Mag\'s Kristofia anthology.

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