Video Review: Axwell & Ingrosso & RØMANS “Dancing Alone”

Mannequins stand in a row in a shadowy warehouse. A young woman stands in the center as scarlet laser lights flip towards the ceiling.

A message on a black screen reads: “1. This video isn’t for this song” and a second one says “2. No cameras at a rave.”

The young woman closes her eyes and moves her head as the scarlet laser lights shine on her. The laser lights skim the floor, skipping past the fire hydrant.

A second young woman, wearing a yellow headband, raises her arm in the air at a rave.

A mannequin splits into two on the floor.

Crowds of people face the DJ at a rave.

The laser lights rotate to teal.

Two young women make out. A third young woman, wearing short shorts and a tank top, dances by a railing. Another fourth young woman lets her butt touch the floor. A fifth young woman, wearing a pink bikini top and white pants, throws her head back.

A mannequin wears a gas mask.

A sixth young woman, wearing a pink bikini and holding a bottle of water, dances by the man next to her. Aqua and bubblegum pink laser lights point towards the crowd.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman drives past a warehouse over the weekend. She walks around the back and jiggles the door to open it. As she walks inside, she notices an office has been built to the side. A wastebasket sits outside it. She sees a row of desks and computers. In the center, she sees several mannequins. A rack of clothes stand in the corner.

She closes her eyes and imagines it how she remembers as a teenager. Almost every weekend, she searched for news about the latest raves. Sometimes, she drove out of state. None of her friends knew she was involved in the scene. They were frightened by it and were warned by their parents to stay away. However, she wanted to experience the rush of the beats and dance until she was out of breath.

She became friends with a few curious photographers and talked anonymously to a couple of reporters, looking for their expose. A photographer saved her life one night after she had been vomiting all night. He had been checking on her between shots to see if she was okay. She told him she was getting better. However, he took her to the hospital.

Her photographer friend eventually overdosed. He was her only friend she had in the scene. For the most part, people remained nameless or stayed within their private groups. She lost herself to addiction for a few years after his death. It was when she met boyfriend that she started putting her life together again. As she stands in the warehouse, she thinks of the photographer.

Director: Brokenint Year: 2018

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