Video Review: Dido “Hunter”

Sharks swim in the aquarium as Dido, wearing an one-shoulder top and jeans, sings.

She stands underneath a golden crown in a sickly green lit arcade.

Lit in ocean blue, Dido walks on the balcony of a building. The full moon moves across the sky.

Walking on the sidewalk in the city streets, she follows a smirking version of herself.

She sits in the back of a taxi, petting a cat.

The second version of herself looks back at her while they walk into an arcade. Dido passes some 12-year-old boys concentrating on their games.

Dido runs in the tunnel, where the second version of herself waits. Dido smacks the raised arm of the second version of herself and pulls it down. Dido shoves her and then they hug. She spins around, pink flames emitting from the fabric of her top.

Rating: 1/5

Dido couldn’t stay in the apartment anymore. After cleaning the last dish, she told her mother she was taking a walk. Her mother told her it was so late. She said she would be all right.

The little voice in her head was pushing her to go. It was goading her, thinking she wasn’t going to follow through. The little voice in her head said “there” at the arcade. She didn’t want to go inside. An ex-boyfriend often took her there and then left her in tears after ending their relationship. However, in their senior year of high school, he apologized to her and they hung out every once in a while.

She put a quarter in one of the games, playing one of her ex-boyfriend’s favorite games. She was able to beat one of the levels with ease. She had watched him and had memorized every movement. The little voice told her it was time to go. She continued to walk until the little voice ordered her to stop at the aquarium.

“Those sharks will get you. Fight for what you want.” Dido stared at the floor and then ran. She was okay where she was. In the tunnel, she out a frustrated scream and cried. There was so much she wanted to experience but couldn’t. The little voice told her she needed to move forward on her own. She smiles to herself and picks up a real estate magazine on the way home.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 2001

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