Video Review: 112 “It’s Over Now”

Daron parks his car by the valet at the hotel. As he walks towards the front desk, a young woman hands him a key and says “room 112.” He presses the button for the 12th floor and rides the elevator.

Q, Slim, and Mike meet him on the 12th floor and they walk down the hallway together to their room. Through the keyhole of a room they pass, several women count their money on their bed. A businessman shuts off the television next door. They walk into room 112.

They sit on a green circular lobby sofa.

They dance in a warehouse.

Q talks with his girlfriend as he drives on the expressway. He stops at the shoulder and she gets out of the car.

At night, they dance in the parking lot in front of a Waffle House. Women sit in the of the hoods of the cars and bob their heads. Q, Slim, Mike and Daron play marbles outside. They walk inside the diner.

Q’s girlfriend walks on the shoulder of the road.

A group of girlfriends wait for their food. A young man smiles at his girlfriend as they sit at the booth. A cook serves food to a man sitting at the counter. Q takes a bite of his waffle. Slim talks to a second young woman.

They continue to dance in the warehouse.

Rating: 2/5

Q says he’s craving some Waffle House. He wants a waffle coated with whipped cream and strawberries. Daron says a Texas melt sounds good. Mike turns off the television in the hotel room and says he’s not really hungry but he’ll go anyway. Slim calls the front desk and asks directions for the nearest location.

When they arrived at the diner, it was packed. The hostess tells them it’s a 45 minute wait. To pass the time, they played some marbles in the parking lot. Some young women sitting on the hood of the cars cheer them on. Mike strikes up a conversation with them. They invite him to a party.

Their buzzer lights up  and they take their seats. Q asks for a specific special and asks the host to save the last order for him. A few young women walk in with Mike. The servers race back and forth to the tables. The cook helps out. Dishes break in the kitchen and a hush falls over the diner. The server walks up to their table, wanting to know if they need anything. Q tells them no, only the check.

As they drive back to the hotel, Mike wonders out loud what kind of shady things are happening in the rooms. Q guesses some criminals have pulled off a heist. Slim suggests a businessman is cheating on his wife and running up the credit card with porn charges. Q adds that another politician is spying on him and will return to blackmail them later. They walk back to their room and fall asleep.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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