Video Review: Avril Lavigne “Head Above Water”

In Iceland, the waves swell to the black rock. The seagulls caw above a hole in a cave. Wearing a white dress, Avril Lavigne holds a lantern as she stands in the darkness of the cave. She wraps the sleeves around her and walks out of the cave. Arms spread out, she looks up at the sky.

She watches the waves roll as she continues to walk, the beaded crucifixes dangling on her dress. She sits on the pebbled beach, facing the water. Sea smoke drifts over the rock.

She runs on the grassy cliff and stands at the edge.

She flails underwater, rising up as the flashes of maroon and green cover her body.

She stands at the beach, her hands below her chin.

Rating: 5/5

Avril Lavigne flips through a magazine at her cardiologist appointment. The nurse calls her name and asks her how she’s feeling. She answers that she’s been moving around a bit more and scheduled a trip to Iceland. The nurse comments that it’s good to hear as she takes her blood pressure. She says the doctor will be with her in a few moments.

Her cardiologist asks if she has felt her heart racing or if she’s been out of breath. Lavigne answers that she’s been walking more. There have been times she’s had to sit down and it isn’t sure if it’s her heart. He says they’ll take an echocardiogram and change the dosage of her medicine. He says she’s doing a lot better overall.

As she drives home, she stops at the mall to look around. Her stomach rumbles and she heads into the restaurant. At the bar, she sees a group of twentysomethings, taking shots and guzzling their beers. A few years, she would’ve been able to drink them under the table without much effort. She really misses beer. She has one on occasion but she can’t really risk it now.

After eating, she runs into two teenagers, roller skating through the aisle. They raise their arms with middle fingers in the air. She grins. It used to be her once. As she searches through the clearance racks, a young woman compliments her on her purse. She thanks the person and they talk for a little bit. The young woman says goodbye, saying it was nice meeting her and returns to her daughter. Lavigne picks out some t-shirts and waits in line. It was good to get out of the house. She hopes she can handle Iceland okay. She got the okay from her doctor. However, it’s the most she’s traveled in almost two years.

Director: Elliott Lester Year: 2018

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