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In Uganda, a young man runs along the dirt and passes a message along to a fortysomething. A boy and thirtysomething play the drums. The young man and his friends dance in front of the Suubi Health Center. A young woman carries some bananas on her head while she walks through the group.

As the young woman walks back home, several young boys dance in her path. A second young man carries a bucket as he walks by the boys. Two twentysomething men dance by a wheelbarrow. One of the men pulls the wheelbarrow. A young woman carries a bucket and starts to dance. She walks by a young boy, who moonwalks in the dirt. One of the young men carries his drums while the group of friends continue to dance.

Rating: 4/5

The homes featured have been built for citizens residing in Uganda by Mama Hope. Uganda is one of the several countries they work in within the African region. The Suubi Health Center helps with family planning and safe health care for the rural areas. According to the website, they are expanding with a maternity ward and planning to have a community center and planting crops to pay the Mama Hope employees.

The United Hearts Children’s Center, aims to be a refuge for the kids in Ghana. They can learn and become life skills to become independent. Anza in Tanzania wants to teach people how run their own businesses. Meanwhile, Nurturing Minds wants to provide the tools for the girls in the country to learn. White Orange Youth goal’s is to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS. They also want to protect the women of the community and let them know they do have rights.

In the Guatemala and India, the main focus on educating the people of the communities. Mama Hope is planning to work in the United States and currently looking for partners to help.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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