Video Review: Linda Ronstadt “What’s New”

A server sets the glasses on the tables. A person puts flowers by someone’s vanity. A drink is poured. Linda Ronstadt holds a newspaper over her head as she leaves the club. She drops the newspaper as ex-lover gives her his umbrella. They talk for a few minutes and he walks away.

At the club, she watches him perform his magic show. She smiles as he demonstrates the first part of the his trick.  He throws balls to the people sitting in front row. She catches a ball. Everyone throws the balls back to him. He fills the container, He opens another container with the second one inside.

In the dressing room, she puts on lipstick. He pops in with some flowers for her. They dance.

Wearing a strapless black dress, she stands in the corner, putting on gloves. She walks backstage.

Rating: 4/5

Linda Ronstadt didn’t expect to see her ex-lover again. He had retired from doing his magic shows and wanted to a normal 9 to 5 job. A month ago, the club owner had presented the flyer, announcing her return. Her heart began to race. As she sang on stage, she had to stop and collect her thoughts.

She believed he would pass her by. However, he waited for her and gazed at her. She knew the curve of his smile. Somewhere, the feelings for her still existed. They discussed the weather and she asked him about his life. The club owner had asked him to fill an open slot. She tells him good luck.

While getting ready for her own performance, he surprises her with some flowers. She asks him if he’s planning to stay. He says he’s going to think about it. She says she really missed him. He tells her he can’t stay for her show. He has to get ready for work tomorrow and his wife is at home taking care of the kids.

Her heart sinks. He won’t ever be hers again.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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