Video Review: XXXTentacion “Moonlight”

Around midnight, XXXTentacion sits in the forest, listening to music on his headphones, while a group of people gather together in a circle. He watches them talk and feels the warmth from the fire burning in a garbage can.

He sees a young woman walk towards some light in the center of the forest. He gets up and starts to walk by the group. Some people dance. As he returns back to his spot, some smoke blows by his face.

He continues to sit in his spot. A young man smiles at him as he walks in the group again. Two young men laugh as they goof around.

He plays on his phone as he sits by himself and watches the group of people.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman, who arrived about 15 minutes ago, chats with several close friends of hers. So far, two guys have approached her. She chatted with them but didn’t really indicate any interest. However, she turns her head to glance at one of the guys. However, the guy has been checking on the fires in the garbage cans. XXXTentacion continues to look at his phone. He hopes the young woman gets up the nerve to talk to the guy.

No one knows who he is and he doubts no one ever will. He read about the party online and wanted somewhere to go for an evening. They seem like good people. As he tries to mingle, he overhears a couple of people talking about their jobs and one another person asking for advice about buying a home. But he can’t say hello to them. Although he wants to change, they’ll view him someone to fear.

The young woman passes by him without a glance. She’s someone who could help him and give a purpose. As he watches her tap the one guy’s shoulder, he smiles to himself. He can only observe. It’s as close he’ll ever be to the life he really wants. Perhaps in another lifetime, someone in the group was his childhood best friend. He’ll take whatever he can get. It is better than nothing.

Director: JMP Year: 2018

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