Video Review: Miguel “Told You So”

Miguel drives into the desert. He gets out of his car and watches the sky. A rocket goes off and he starts to dance. The screen becomes a square as the edges close in. Rain falls on flowers behind the square.

As he continues to dance,  an army gathers in a city. Explosions occur. A tank manuevers around an area. People carry American flags.

In black-and-white, he nods his head. Back in color, a teenage boy watches the rockets from his car. Another group of people view the rockets in their car in black-and-white.

Behind the square, a crowd of people wave American flags. People protest in the streets. Several people get out of their cars. Miguel runs towards the car and dances on top of it. Waves crash to the shore behind the square. Fires burn.

At night, a young man continues to watch the sky. A horse turns its head. Miguel collapses on the ground, out of breath.

Martin Luther King, Jr. gives a speech.

In the desert, a satellite explodes.

Rating: 3.5/5

The rockets have been shooting off for hours. An announcement had been made that the test would happen in the afternoon. Miguel stands quiet with a group into the night. On his phone, he checks his social media and people have been asking why rockets haven’t stopped. However, it hasn’t reached the top of the news cycle. The latest corruption scandal within the government has been headline news for the last couple days.

A teenage boy clings to his friend. Miguel taps his pockets and sighs with relief, knowing his passport was still there. He catches the glance of a twentysomething man with long hair. They were both heading for the border in the morning. The rockets were only the beginning.

At the state border, a police officer questions Miguel. He identifies himself and asks if there is something going on. The police officer reads his driver’s license and says it’s a precaution. The police officer gives him back his license. Miguel nods, his hands shaking as he pulls away. He calls his parents and siblings, warning them to leave as soon as they can. Only one more state to go.

Directors: Karim Huu Do & Miguel Year: 2017

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