Video Review: OneRepublic “Connection (Version 1)”

Ryan dances as he moves towards the microphone on stage. He points to the audience as Zach and Drew play their guitars. Eddie looks over at Ryan while he plays the drums. Ryan runs his hand through his hair.

The fans stand in the stadium, dancing to the song. Ryan walks across the stage in electric blue light. Fans clap. Ryan plays the keyboard with one hand. He holds onto the microphone as the lasers fan out into the audience. Ryan turns to the right of the stage.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman squeals and posts on Facebook fan group that she received her front row tickets for the OneRepublic show. She writes it’s her fifth time seeing them. However, it’s the first time she’s been able to afford tickets to see them up close. People comment “good for you!” and tell her to enjoy the show. She can’t believe it. It’s VIP and she’ll be able take a picture with the band and tell Ryan Tedder that he’s her favorite singer. She’ll also add that she’s glad he started saving the good songs he wrote for himself.

A week before the concert, she starts making space on her phone. She wants to take as many pictures as she can without getting message about storage midway through the show. She plans for what she wants to say to him and runs it by her best friend, who tells her to just be herself and it’ll be okay.

Upon meeting Ryan, she smiles and lets out a nervous laugh. She apologizes and Ryan says don’t be scared. She poses for a picture and she talks with him for a few minutes. As she walks away, she can hardly remember what they talked about. During the show, she dances as OneRepublic performs.

She posts some footage of the concert on her personal social media feed and says meeting Ryan was the highlight of her life. Her friends ask what he’s like and say they wished they would’ve been able to go. She drives home around midnight, radio turned up and wired from the excitement. She won’t be able to sleep at all.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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