Video Review: Seal “Get It Together”

Seal folds his holds as reporters aim microphones at him. He starts to talk as photographers take his picture in the lobby of Ubertek’s office. He puts his hand up as a photographer takes a black-and-white photo of him.

People dance inside a club. A young man counts his money. Seal sits on the couch and stares at a young woman.

Seal puts both his hands on his waist as he continues to talk with the reporters. He kicks up his leg.

Seal dances in the club.

Lit in ocean blue, Seal strums on a guitar as he sits by himself on the couch. People stand behind him.

A second young man breakdances on the striped aqua blue floor. Seal raises one arm in the air.

Lit in ocean blue, Seal sits with the guitar in his lap as the people continue to stand behind him,

Rating: 3.5/5

Seal bows his head as he thinks of how to word his answer to the reporter’s question about his personal life. He responds that it’s a private matter and steers the conversation to his general beliefs about life. From the corner of his eye, he sees his publicists’ eyes dart back and forth. Seal explains it’s become a cruel world and mentions current events. He says he worries about future generations who will grow up learning fear. He says people need to help others. The reporters continue to ask who designed his clothes and prod about his relationship. He tries to bring it back to his music.

After the press conference, he returns home and changes into an old t-shirt. While at the club, he meets the eyes of a young woman, who shies away from him. The twelve-year-old girl next to him smiles and introduces herself. She says she likes the color of his shirt. He thanks her. The young woman next to him excuses herself and apologizes for bumping into him. He says it’s all right.

On the dance floor, he joins in as people clap for a young break dancing on the floor. He buys him a drink and asks where he learned how to dance. The young man says he’s self-taught. He watched a lot of television. The news ticker runs on the television over the bar. The young man shakes his head, saying he wonders about the direction of the United States. He adds he’s from the United States and plans on staying in London, England. It seems safer at the moment. They discuss politics for about ten minutes. The young man thanks him for the drink and continues to dance on the floor.

Seal dances by himself for another hour and then goes back to the hotel. He has a long flight tomorrow and needs to get some sleep.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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