Video Review: Alicia Keys “In Common”

In black-and-white, Alicia Keys closes her eyes. She stands on a fire escape.

Three women stand on the fire escape.

A young man holds his girlfriend. Two men put each other’s hands over their eyes. With their backs towards each other, they touch their tips of their fingers. A second young man rolls his head.

The three women dance on the fire escape.

A third young man dances by a police barricade. The three women dance by a fence as the hand on the light blinks. A couple kisses. A group of people dance by the police barricade.

She dances with two little girls at a fire hydrant. The little girls laugh as the droplets of water fly towards them. A group of people dance by the monkey bars.

She stands on the fire escape by herself.

Rating: 4/5

A young woman chats about her job with her two neighbors. Her shift is going to start soon. She was thinking of calling off but she needs the money. Her friend, standing in the center, agrees. Between her two jobs, she wishes she could have a day off. The third young woman mentions the night shifts are exhausting her.

A young man views the police barricade in the street. The protests have ended. He watches a few people finish breaking down some tables. He runs over the table of one of the protestors and asks if he could help. A thirtysomething woman smiles and gives him a brochure. He says it’s disgusts him that the counter protestors try to intimidate them. She says they have faced attacks and adds the city has been safer the most.

The three women talk in the stands as they watch their siblings and friends play in a pickup baseball game on the field. The young woman claps for her daughter, who hit a homerun. On the field, the players give each other tips as they play.

A little girl asks her best friend to come over and play. Their parents have lived next door to each other for at least 10 years. They have become like family. The little girl often stays over at her best friend’s house if her mom has to work late. Her best friend walks with her to school in the morning and watches out for her on the playground.

Director: Pierre Debusschere Year: 2016

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