Video Review: Simple Minds “Alive and Kicking”

Jim, Charlie, Michael, Mel and John lie on the grass of the Catskills Mountains in New York, their instruments beside them as they stare at the moon. They stand up near the cliff, the wind blowing their hair and khaki pants at night. They watch the Ledge/Shelving Rock Falls. The sun begins to rise.

Robin sings in the morning as Jim admires the view. They perform by the cliff. The sun sets over the mountain as Michael plays the mountain. They stand in by the trees in the forest. The sun casts a citrus orange glow over the mountains.

Rating: 3/5

Jim places his suitcase in the cabin. Robin gets out her fishing pole and says she’s going to the Delaware River. Michael tells her to wait for him. He sees he hopes a rainbow trout. Mel, Charlie and John say they are going to head the wineries. Jim says he’ll meet up with them later. He wants to read a little and maybe take a walk.

Free time has become sparse lately. Jim takes a book and reads on the couch for an hour. Robin and Michael walk into the door, saying they got dinner. Jim continues to snore on the couch, his book on his chest. Michael puts his fingers to his lips and shakes Jim, startling him. Robin asks him he slept well. Jim gets up and says he didn’t know exhausted he was. Mel, Charlie, and John stumble in, laughing and tipsy. Charlie says he tried the best red wine at the Adair Vineyards. Mel says he bought some to bring home with him.

Early the next morning, they hike Frick Pond Loop and stop to play their music on the mountain top. Jim says he wishes he could build a house on the mountain and stay there forever. It’s so peaceful. Robin says it would be a great life. Michael says he would get bored after a while. He needs noise. Mel’s stomach growls. John suggests they get some dinner.

After dinner, they pack and choose shifts for the ride home. Jim takes the first shift and puts on the radio. Robin sings to herself as she looks out the window. Mel, Charlie, John and Michael sleep.

Director: Zbigniew Rybczynski Year: 1985

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