Video Review: Johnny Hates Jazz “Shattered Dreams (UK Version)”

A young man closes a toolbox and walks down the metal stairs. Clark walks into the studio and views the billboard featuring a young woman, wearing a yellow gown, advertising hair dye. Behind a curtain, a ballerina carries a picture frame of Clark and spins. She puts her hand to ear and listens to him.

The band performs in the studio.

Clark paints by the billboard. Bubbles fly past as the young woman sighs. She steps out of the billboard and walks barefoot on the metal stairs. He drops his palette once he sees her.

Clark wakes up in the middle of the night. He sits on the edge of the bed. The ballerina continues to dance.

He dances with the young woman.

The ballerina dances by the billboard. He notices the young woman is missing from the billboard. He moves through a crowd and sees her posing for a photo shoot. The ballerina watches him and packs her suitcase. The photographer talks to the young woman. The young woman gets up and yells at him. She takes off her wig and leaves.

The ballerina, holding her suitcase, watches Clark dance with the young woman. A police officer blows his whistle as the ballerina runs. She drops her suitcase once she meets Clark.

Rating: 3/5

The ballerina had to leave town. She couldn’t handle seeing Clark fall in love with an illusion. The young woman, who wore a yellow gown, was a character in his paintings. A version of her was sitting on the blanket on the grass or staring down at the floor in a crestfallen portrait. He viewed the young woman with the weight of the world upon her shoulders who needed saving.

The ballerina, though, had seen her at her theater’s opening, cuddling up the director and guzzling champagne all night. The young woman accused the female soloist of sleeping with the director and demanded changes to the program. The director complied and the soloist was fired from the company. She wanted to tell Clark but it was something he had to learn on his own.

Clark watched in horror as the young woman threw a tantrum after a talk with the photographer. He thinks of the ballerina, who had stayed in the background with patient eyes. She had mentioned she had quit the company and decided to move back home. He runs after her and tells her he loves her. He asks her to stay. He’ll talk with the director to get her job back. She tells him it’s too late and she has to go.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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